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Travel Games and Activities for Kids

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Traveling with kids can be exhausting and many other things.  How many times have you hears "are we there yet?"  We used to take long car trips as a kid and we loved to play the travel bingo game.  Our set was just a simple cardboard with red plastic windows you would slide over to cover the object you had spotted along the way.  If we forgot the cards, we would make up our own games.  Such as - how many different states could you spot licenses plates from, or how many blue cars could you find, how many cows - whatever you want.  

Check out our Pinterest board for ideas for kids travel games and kids travel activities. 


Spot it on the Road! by Blue Orange games

Have a Block Party!

Blocks, blocks and more blocks!  A classic and timeless toys for kids from babies to toddlers to even older.  A simple toy yet one that spurs creativity and provides hours of fun.  Wooden blocks will never go out of style and the more the better.  Block toys come in all shapes - cubes, pyramids, cones, [...]

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Origami - the Art of Paper Folding

It is amazing what can be made just from folding paper - from birds to puppets, from simple to intricate - just amazing!  As a kid, we loved to make the fortune tellers or some call them cootie catchers.  It was great fun and we had a lot of laughs with this game.  All it [...]

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J is for Jump Rope!

Good old-fashioned jump rope or some may call it skipping rope - whatever the name - it is a timeless, simple and fun outdoor activity for kids.  I rope with 2 handles - that is all it is.  Girls fuss over the handles - pretty pink, glittery, shiny, painted, decorated - customize to your kids [...]

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I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream!

Yummy - ice cream is always delicious - especially on these hot summer days.  You have to lick quick before it melts - but worth it.  I worked at a little take out stand on the beach when I was a teenager and we also served ice cream.  They were in 5 gallon tubs in [...]

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Cupcakes - A Favorite Treat and Fun to Make!

Cupcakes are a wonderful little treat for kids - just the perfect size.  These days, there are alot of cupcake shops starting up all over the place offering unique taste and decorations.  When I was a kid, I liked to make chocolate cupcakes with frosting that I would dye with food coloring.  Blue was my [...]

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Socks are not just for Monkeys!

My Godmother used to make us sock monkeys as kids.  We just loved those little critters and how simple they are to make.  Better yet - re-purpose those old socks are mis-matched socks and have fun doing it.  Here are some ideas on our Pinterest board  https://www.pinterest.com/cowandlizard/sock-crafts...We carry a large selection of Country Kids socks, [...]

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What to do With Empty Egg Cartons

Do you have empty egg cartons?  Here are some great ideas for re-purposing cardboard egg cartons.  Fun activities for your kids to create masterpieces from flower bouquets to caterpillars to fairies and so much more.  I remember bringing in empty egg cartons to school and we would make Christmas ornaments from them.  It is amazing [...]

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Treasure Hunts

What fun these can be!  And very easy to create at home for your kids.  It can be as simple as filling a bucket with sand and bury little objects for your kids to dig for.  Or you can write clues to lead your kids to places where they find another clue and eventually get [...]

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NEW Handknit Dolls From Zubels - Soft and Sweet!

We just love the new handknit cotton dolls from Zubels - ballerinas and princesses - it can't much girly than these.  Each are handknit of 100% cotton with 100% love.  They are about 14" tall and are an eco-friendly toy - no plastic, no batteries, no lights, no sounds - a good old-fashioned toy that [...]

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