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Wild Things - A New Stuffed Animal Collection by Jellycat

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This new stuffed animal collection by Jellycat is where the wild things are - perfectly named, these plush toys are wild and wonderful!  Their fur coats are tousled with the un-kept look - perfectly adorable.  In keeping with the Jellycat manufacturing - these stuffed animals are made of quality materials with lots attention paid to detail.  The arms and legs are long and are weighted with pellets inside at the feet and hands to keep them hanging done.  Their bottoms are also filled with pellets which keeps them sitting up straight.  There are four animals in the Wild Things collections - elephant, hippo, lion and frog.  What they have in common is that they are all lovable creatures just looking for a friend.  Soft and plush, these guys and gals will be loyal friends for life.

The Lion is the king with a wild mane and tail.  The Elephant is an inquisitive blue guy with a long trunk, floppy ears and a tail.  The Frog is green all over except for his big white eyes observing all the fun going on around him/  The Hippo is a pink gal with tiny ears, a big snout, a fringed tail and a smiling face.  Collect them all and let the wild fun begin!

Jellycat Wild Things Elephant stuffed animal

Jellycat Wild Things Frog stuffed animal

Jellycat Wild Things Hippo stuffed animal

Jellycat Wild Things Lion stuffed animal

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