Wimmer-Ferguson infant development toys

Wimmer-Ferguson infant development toys are designed with a baby’s interest in mind.  Studies show that high contrast patterns and images prove to be more stimulating than brightness or color alone.  Each Wimmer-Ferguson toy is specifically designed for infants through each developmental stage to meet the best stimulus level for baby.

Shop for Wimmer-Ferguson rattles, baby mobiles, crawl mat, soft books mirrors and other baby activity toys at http://www.cowandlizard.com/category/wimmer-ferguson-by-manhattan-toy

New Mod Baby toy collection by Manhattan Toy

New collection of baby toys from Manhattan Toy that features bright colors, textures and many other surprises that will delight babies. Choose from teethers, rattles, squeakers, and soft activity baby toys.

Available at http://www.cowandlizard.com/category/mod-baby-by-manhattan-toy

Shop Manhattan Toy for Groovy Girl dolls, Baby Stella dolls, puppets, stuffed animals, Dr. Suess, Quadrilla marble runs, Star Willow Stables horses, wooden toys, Darling dress up costumes, art kits, monsters, and much more.  Browse at http://www.cowandlizard.com/brand/manhattan-toy  and http://www.cowandlizard.com/brand/groovy-girls

Manhattan Toy Groovy Girls continue to find new ways to inspire young girls to value their own self-expression and individuality. Fantabulous finds include: dolls, accessories, outfits, funky furniture, darling fashions and much more!

Imaginations at Play! Manhattan Toys are created to be a lifelong friend. Their toys are developed to have style and substance. In addition to being fun, their award-winning toys are designed to promote creativity and inspire learning.

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Country Kids tights, socks and capris for babies, girls and boys

Great styles and colors are offered in the Country Kids selection. A combination of practical basics and whimsical girls tights, girls socks and boys socks.  Shop at http://www.cowandlizard.com/brand/country-kids

Tooth Fairy Dolls for Boys & Girls

Perfect places for all the teeth your child will lose. Keep them safe so the tooth fairy can come to visit and leave a reward  for your tooth treasures.  Dolls, pirates, mates. wranglers, and baseball players to choose from.

Shop for tooth fairy dolls by North American Bear Company and Manhattan Toy at http://www.cowandlizard.com/category/fairy-princess-toys

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NEW PJ Tots Soft Girl Dolls and Sleeping Bags

These cute, cuddly and collectible dolls are a great first doll for any girl. Each adorable little doll is small enough to fit into the littlest of hands and are as cute as can be. Every doll has its own colorful themed pajamas that match its personal sleeping bag.  Shop for the entire PJ Tots line by Manhattan Toy at http://www.cowandlizard.com/

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NEW Parents Flat Wooden Puzzles

Puzzles feature beautiful natural grain wood with gorgeous silk-screened colors.  Matching patterns and colors on the board help your child place the pieces.  Puzzle pieces are chunky in size and easy for little hands to manipulate.  10″ x 13″.  Available at http://www.cowandlizard.com/category/parents-toy-collection

NEW Baby & Toddler Toys by Parents

The Parent line is a collection of developmental toys with contemporary styling that reflects Manhattan Toy’s signature dedication to innovative design-blending high quality and whimsy in a way that presents to children a rich array of visual and tactile stimulation and offers elements designed to encourage musical interests, stimulate imaginations and inspire role play.

Shop for baby toys, playground balls, wooden puzzles, soft toys, activity toys and much more in the Parents collection by Manhattan Toy at http://www.cowandlizard.com/category/parents-toy-collection

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NEW Groovy Girls Design Your Own Accessory Kits


Put some flare into what you wear on your feet, around your neck and even over your shoulder. These fun and fashionable Design Your Own accessory sets will keep a girl in style and ready to play, you can add a bow or take away a flower as many times as you want!  Available at http://www.cowandlizard.com/category/groovy-girls-design-your-own

Shop for Groovy Girls clothing, dolls, accessories, furniture, darling dramatics dress up outfits, mermaids, and more at http://www.cowandlizard.com/brand/groovy-girls

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NEW Kush Puppy and Kitty by Jellycat


Kush Puppy has short curly black/white fur , a plump body and short legs – a best friend to cuddle with! 15″.

Kush Kitty has short curly black/white fur , a plump body and short legs – purr-fect for cuddling! 15″

Shop for new items by Jellycat at http://www.cowandlizard.com/category/2011-new-items

Stuffed animals, baby cozies, rattles, blankets, board books and bath books by Jellycat at http://www.cowandlizard.com/brand/jellycat

Shop for wooden, educational & developmental toys at www.cowandlizard.com

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