Brown Bat Hand Puppet by Folkmanis

This realistically detailed Brown Bat puppet features a workable mouth, complete with fangs, and leather-like fabric wings, which spread into an infamous silhouette, then flap silently into the darkness. This hand puppet has a 24″ wingspan.  Available at


  • There are at least 1000 spcies of bat that live all over the world except in the Arctic and Antarctica.  Most are tropical.
  • Bats are the only mamals that can really fly.  There are two families:  the insect-eaters and the larger fruit eating bats.
  • Bats find their way and their prey by listening to echoes of their own squeaks that are too high pitched for people to hear.
  • Bats are some of our best animal friends since they eat large numbers of insect pests.  One bat can eat thousands of mosquitos in a night.


One day, a bat fell from his perch to the ground, and was caught by a weasel.  He begged the weasel to let him go, but the weasel to let him go, but the weasel refused, saying that he was an enemy of all birds on principle.  The bat said: “Oh no, I’m not a bird at all – I’m a mouse!”  The weasel took a good look at this scraggly creature and decided to let it go.  Soon thereafter, another weasel came by and snatched up the bat, who, as before, begged for his life.  

“No,” said the weasel, “I never let a mouse go once I’ve caught it.”

“But I’m not a mouse,” said the bat, “I’m a bird.”

The weasel took another look at this ugly little winged creature and said:  “Why, so you are,” and he, too, let go.

       -from Aesop’s fables

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NEW Touch-n-Feel Books & Finger Puppets by Manhattan Toy

Each board book features a fun variety of ten different fabrics you can see and feel.  Every page brings new and enticing textures to your finger tips.  Follow each friendly character through the story with a large, coordinating finger puppet:  Miss Ladybug, Hank Hound, and Mason Mouse.  Watch as the story comes alive.  Each story contains 10 pages.  Available at

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Toad Hand Puppet by Folkmanis

Warty and spotty, this Toad puppet’s realistic appearance makes him the amphibian of choice for nature lovers. His floppy legs stretch when he leaps and fold up neatly when he crouches. Animate his mouth for fly catching, croaking or kissing. This hand puppet is 13″ long.  Available at


  • The 3500 species of toad and frog live in almost every habitat.  There is no real scientific distinction between the two.
  • What is a toad?  Its skin is warty and dry; it hops rather than jumps; it usually lives away from the water and is active at night.
  • For protection, many toad secrete a stinging poison from glands on their head.  This poison can only hurt people if it gets in their eyes.
  • Toads are our friends: they eat large quantities of plant-eating insects.  If we poison fields and breeding ponds with pesticides, we will lose their help.


One spring long ago, the leaders of the Hopper clan, Big-Mouth Hopper and Peeper Hopper, were catured by their enemies, the bugs.  The bugs tied them to stakes, built fires underneath and left them to die.  As the flames rose up, Big-Mouth managed to free himself.  He couldn;t unite Peeper, so he began to dig furiously at the base of the stake hoping it would fall over.  As he dug, hot pitch from the stake dripped onto his back, but he kept digging until Peeper wriggled free.  Peeper jumped to a pond to cool his burning skin (and still peeps there in the spring!), but Big-Mouth had no strength left.  Fortunately, a little forest fairy say how he saved his friend, and brought herbs to heal his blistered back.  “The scars will always remain on your back,” she said, “But for your kindness I will give you a magic tongue: just stick it out at the bugs and they will disappear down your throat.”  That is how Big-Mouth became Toad, and the warts on his back are the badges of his bravery.

                        -an Iroquois folktale

NEW Piggy Hand Puppet by Folkmanis

With his smiling face and curlicue tail, this rotund PIGGY puppet is a perfect pal for storytime. While his pot belly rests on your arm, manipulate the arms and mouth to happily sing along to all your favorite barnyard tunes. 10″ x 7″ x 11″.  Available at

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Push Along Wooden Toys by Plan Toys

Bobcat Hand Puppet by Folkmanis

Looking deceptively like a domestic cat, the bobcat remains wild at heart as it hunts through the night for prey. This Bobcat puppet features a movable mouth, dark tufted ears and the dark stumpy tail that gives it its name. This hand puppet is 15″ tall.  Available at


  • The bobcat is native to North America.  It lives in forests, mountains, deserts and swamp land throughout the US.
  • The bobcat is about twice the size of a house cat.  It is well adapted to hunting rabbits with its long legs and ability to leap ten feet.
  • Bobcats live alone.  They spend their days hidden among rocks and bushes, in caves and hollow logs.  They hunt only at night.
  • As wild places are claimed by people, and because the females only give birth to a few babies a year, the bobcat’s numbers are declining.


At one time Bobcat was Wildcat.  She had a nice long tail.  She hunted during the day and sat around her campfire at night.  One night, though, she let her fire go out.  Wildcat was so worried about freezing and starving that the plan she hatched was not of the smartest kind; she decided to steal her neighbor Black Bear’s fire.  Bear was gone when Wildcat came to her camp.  She quickly rolled Bear’s log out of the fire pit with her head (and singed the fur on her ears in the process so that all that was left was a black tuft!)  Then she wrapped her long tail around the glowing stick and raced for home with her tail smoking.  She did get herself a campfire that night   but she also burned her tail down to a stub.  And the next day when Wildcat heard Black Bear crashing through the brush towards her, she took off with a mightly leap and wasn’t seen in those parts again.  Her tail never did grow back, so folks started calling her Bobcat.  She also never comes out in the daytime anymore.  She’s still afraid that Black Bear might catch her.

Madeleine Scott


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NEW Alex Beard Monkey & Elephant by North American Bear Company

Straight from the pages of the wildly imaginative new children’s books, The Jungle Grapevine and Monkey See, Monkey Draw , illustrated characters come to life in soft velour with embroidered facial features. Artist-author Alex Beard brings his love of adventure and art together in an enchanting tale about confronting fears and creative expression. The elephant plush animal is 20″, the monkey stuffed animal is 26″, both are baby safe and machine washable.  View at

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NEW Backpack Organizers by Crocodile Creek

All -new back pack organizers are perfect for school supplies, art supplies, cell phones or calculators. Bold, bright designs. High-quality, durable materials. Heavy -duty zippers. A wonderful way to help kids get organized at school! For ages 3-13. Back Pack Organizers are 9″H x 3.5″W x 2″D. Made of polyester and nylon.  Browse all the designs at

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Large Tarantula Hand Puppet By Folkmanis

He’s hairy, he’s scary… But don’t worry, this Tarantula can’t hurt you — in fact, he’s as cuddly as a puppy. Really. But go ahead and squish him if it makes you feel better. Hand enters from chest area to work several of the multiple legs. This hand puppet is 18″ long.  Available at


  • The hairy tarantula lives around the world in the tropics and subtropics.  It makes its home in burrows in the ground or in trees.
  • Though tarantulas are big – the Brazilian bird-eater grows up to 10 inches across – and look scary, they are shy and slow-moving.
  • Tarantulas do flick irritating hairs if threatened.  They can also bite, but their venom is no more dangerous than a bee sting.
  • Several species of tarantula with reddish legs are raised in captivityand are popular as pets.  It is illegal to collect them in the wild because they are endangered.


Many, many years ago there was only one Tarantula, big as a man, who lived by himself in a cave.  One day he decided to steal the fringed leggings and feathered headdress of Swift Runner, son of the chief of the nearby village.  “My young friend,” he called, “I will let you see how glorious you look in your spendid garments.  I will try them on for a moment so you can look.”  Of course, as soon as Tarantula put on the clothes, he ran into his cave and clocke the entrance.  The chief went to Spider Woman, grandmother of the war gods, for help.  She fashioned an antelope from sandstone and made it look real,  Tarantula then came outside, for he loved to hunt,  He shot the antelope with his bow and arrow, but angry Spider Woman jumped out from under the sandstone animal, grabbed him, and pulled off the fine clothes.  She then held him by the legs and flung him at the sun, crying, “Be gone forever!”  But Tarantula had one last trick.  Instead of burning up, he exploded himself into millions of little pieces.  They became the red-legged tarantulas we know today.  Their legs are red because Spider Woman left her mark of anger on them.

-adapted from a Zuni folktale by Madeleine Scott


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Butterfly Hand Puppet by Folkmanis

Pollinating the flowers, the beautiful monarch butterfly pauses to show off her bright orange color. Cause a flutter when you animate her satiny wings! This hand puppet has a 14″ wingspan.


  • The change that butterflies go through from egg to caterpillar, to chrysalis, to adult insect, is called complete metamorphosis.
  • Caterpillars grow by shedding their skins becuse their skeleton is on the outside and cannot grow with them.
  • Although some caterpillars defend themselves by appearing to be ferocious, none bite or sting, and only a few have irritating hairs or offensive smells.
  • Caterpillars specialize in feeding and are mostly leaf-eaters.  A butterfly’s job is to produce eggs; it feeds on nectar or eats nothing at all.



     One day at the end of the summer, Old Man Coyote sat watching some happy children at play.  He thought gloomily:  “Soon these carefree youngsters will grow old and grey and their teeth will fall out.  Likewise, these wonderful flowers will fade and the trees will be bare.  Winter will come.”  And he grew sadder and sadder.

     Yet, it was still warm and the sun was shining.  Now Coyote noticed the play of sunlight and shadow, and the yellow leaves dancing in the wind.  He saw the whiteness of the cornmeal the women were grinding nearby, and the shining black of a young girl’s hair.

     Coyote smiled then, thinking, “I’ll preserve the colros and make something for the children.”  So he gathered bits of all these things into his bag, then walked over to where the children played and said:  “Little children, this is for you.”  As they opened the pouch, hundreds of brightly-colored butterflies flew out, dancing around their heads, landing on their hair, fluttering up to sip nectar from the flowers.  And that is how butterflies came to be in the world.

                                -an Iroquois folktake

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