Manhattan Toy Wildlife Collection Puppets

Kirby Koala Manhattan Wildlife Puppet


  • Mother Koalas carry their babies in their pouch for 6 months.
  • Koala Bears live in eucalypt forests of Eastern and South-Eastern Australia.

Leala Lemur Manhattan Wildlife Puppet


  • Lemurs are vegetarians, eating mostly fruit and leaves.
  • The majority of their lives are spent in trees and bushes.
  • From Madagascar.

Leeann Leopard Manhattan Wildlife Puppet


  • Clouded Leopard of Southeast Asia.
  • This carnivorous cat is an excellent hunter and climber.
  • They live in tropical and subtropical forests.

Linden Lion Manhattan Wildlife Puppet


  • Lions live in groups called prides.
  • Lions are called King of the Jungle because they have no predators.

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Rattlesnake Puppet by Folkmanis

Rattlesnake Hand Puppet by Folkmanis

A rattlesnake chant! Movable mouth and tail. 36″ long when stretched out.  Available at


  • The 30 species of rattlesnake range from Canada through South America.  By far the greatest number is found in the United States.
  • Rattlesnakes are pit vipers.  They have a pair of movable fangs on their upper jaw and a heat sensing spot above their nose.
  • A rattlesnake vibrates its “Rattle” as a warning that it might strike.  A snake can usually strike as far as half the length of its body.
  • Diamondback rattlesnakes are dangerous and very poisonous.  Most other species are not very aggressive.


Do not touch me!

There is nothing you can do.

You rattlesnake with your belly full,

Lying where the ground squirrel holes are thick.

Do not touch me!

What can you do to me!

Rattlesnake in the tree clump

Stretched in the shade.

You can do nothing.

Do not touch me!

Rattlesnake of the plains,

You whose white eye

The sun shines on,

Do not touch me!

        -from the Yokuts of Central California


  • Wear long pants and leather boots.
  • Don’t put your hand on a ledge above eyesight where a snake might be resting.
  • Never reach or step over rocks or fallen logs without knowing what’s on the other side.
  • Stay on trails – avoid walking in heavy underbrush.
  • Don’t go alone into remote areas.
  • Know first aid for snake bites.
  • Use a flashlight at night.

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VanderBear Collection

 VanderBear Family - Red Carpet Collection

In a star studded gala of glitz and glamour, the VanderBear Fmily gathers for a glittering night of fun and designer label puns at the annual golden PAWSCARS. They will be awarded the Pawscar for Lifetime Achievement: 25 Years of Wholesome Family Entertainment. Dressed in the beary best of Hollywood fashion finery, they make their entrance in over the top couture designs a la VanderBear style, complete with their own red carpet to pave the way. With the pawparazzi flashing away, it’s a night to remember. Set of 5 dressed bears and 1 dressed hare.

Fully-jointed with hand-stitched noses and rich golden plush, the VanderBears are classic collectors’ bears. The family includes father Cornelius, mother Alice, brother Fuzzy, sister Fluffy, and baby Muffy.

Available at

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Plan Toys Breakfast Menu

Suggestions for Play:

  • Children can pretend serving this play set by role playing different characters such as chef, maid or service personnel, helping to stimulate their imagination and ideas.
  • Parents can teach children the names and the kind of taste of the items in the set, helping to develop their vocabulary skills.
  • This set can be played together with friends and other kitchen sets to increase interest and develop their social skill.

Available at

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Plan Toys Assorted Fruits & Vegetables


Suggestions on how to play

  • Let children cut the fruits and vegetables in half and then let them match and join the pieces together again, this will help develop fine motor skill and also help them solve problems through trial and error.
  • Children can role play different characters such as maid cooking food, by playing together with other Kitchen Set, which helps develop children’s ideas, imagination and providing hours of fun.
  • Parents can teach children the names of the fruits and vegetables, which will help them develop vocabulary skills.

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My Own Monster

Funny fiends in soft velboa with whimsical charm and charitable hearts designed exclusively by North American Bear Company staff children! A portion of My Own Monster sales will be donated to Global Action for Children.

At North American Bear, they are dedicated to encouraging the imagination of all children.   All My Own Monsters were designed by “their own little monsters”. Their kids hope that their efforts will support other children who do not have the same advantages they do. It’s an early lesson we need everyone’s support to teach.

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of My Own Monsters goes to help children around the world.

Make My Own Monster is a not so Scary Division of North American Bear Company.  As a leader in the soft toy and gift industry, they have been creating award-winning, heirlom quality, soft and loveable characters for almost 30 years.  Using luxurious textiles in combination with ingenious designs (with clever names to match), they have set the standard for innovation and excellence.  Their widh is to inspire the imagination, cheer-on creative play and provide comfort for all stages and ages.  Play is their work!

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Creativity for Kids Craft Kits

Creativity for Kids products are designed in the USA by a team of real people who are parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles themselves. They are committed to providing children with quality, innovative and thoughtful products that offer opportunities to express their uniqueness through creative play.  Browse for craft kits at

Happy Crafting!

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Dutch Rabbit Folkmanis Hand Puppet

This incredibly soft Mommy Dutch rabbit feels like a real bunny. With the design of the ears and haunches and her cream and coffee colored markings, she looks like she could hop off at any moment. She has to be held to be believed. Ultra huggable. Baby Dutch Rabbit sold separately. This hand puppet is 10″ tall.  Available at


  • The Dutch Rabbit is one of the oldest of domestic breeds.  It was developed in Holland around 1850 from the wild European rabbit.
  • It is wasly distinguised from other breeds because of its characteristic color pattern which had changed little over the years.
  • It is very popular as a new pet and as a show rabbit because of its small size and docile, sociable nature.
  • Dutch rabbits are intelligent.  They can learn to recognize their names and can be trained to use a litter box.

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Alex Toys Craft Kits

Develop a life long love of crafting with ALEX award winning kits! Each kit is jam packed with value and is carefully designed to produce successful results. Explore your creativity while taking pride in a job well done! 

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Alex Toys Yarn Craft Kits

Alex Toys provides children with quality creative products that foster personal expression and build self-esteem. The best children’s activities provide lots of fun and they open a child’s mind to new skills, new ideas and new worlds. Over the years, Alex Toys has grown to: imaginative and dramatic play, fashion and jewelry, whimsical children’s furniture, bath toys, preschool products, developmental, plush and bath toys for baby!

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