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Schleich toy figures

We are excited about the new line of products by Schleich we’ve added to our growing selection of toys.  Schleich just celebrated their 75th anniversay.  In the 1960′s, they created their figures.  It wasn’t long befoe Smurfs, animal figures, historical worlds and imaginary realm were launched.  The company’s new motto became “Anywhere’s a Playground” becuase it can be quite handy to take your playground with you.

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Sunken Treasures Bath Time Adventure

Sunken Treasures Bath Time Adventure Activity Toy

Sunken Treasures Bath Time Adventure by Parents Toy Collection


this bath activity toy is available at

  • provides a great setting for dramatic play
  • authentic looking spyglass to scope out 5 brilliant sinking jewel like undersea creatures, 1 coin and a treasure chest
  • exploring under water is a great role playing adventure that also teaches matching and sorting skills and piques curiousity about scientific concepts – such as the reason objects sink and why they look bigger when submerged

NEW Wacky Water Park bath toy

Wacky Water Park bath toy

Wacky Water Park Bath Toy by the Parents Toy Collection


  • make a splash with this build your own twisty tub side water slide
  • includes 3 transparent half tubes, 2 transparent corner tubes, 2 funky fish balls and 2 brightly colored spinners
  • balls slide down the chute to activate the spinners below
  • simple construction helps kids understand spatial relationships and enhances large and small motor skills. 
  • tracking objects down the transparent chute is an unforgettable lesson in cause & effect

this bath activity toy is available at

Solid Drum by Plan Toys

Solid Drum by Plan Toys
Solid Drum Musical Wooden Toy by Plan Toys

available at

  • language, social and physical skills
  • a tympanic drum complete with a drumstick will develop children’s spatial perception and muscles, as well as auditory nerves.  The drumstick has a rubber head to soften the sound
  • holding the drujmstick will help develop children’s fine motor skill
  • hitting the drum will help develop eye-hand coordination, auditory skill, recognition skill, concentration and stress relief
  • hitting different areas on the surface of the drum will create different sounds
  • children will be able to differentiate the beats and create their own music per their imagination
  • hitting the drum is one of the basis for understanding the rhythm and cause & effect (releasing a lot of energy will create a loud sound and releasing lesser energy will create a soft sound)

Dolphin Hand Puppet by Folkmanis

dolphin hand puppet by Folkmanis

Dolphin Hand Puppet by Folkmanis

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  • Bottlenose dolphins live near the coasts of Europe and North America in family groups of two to 25.
  • Bottlenose dolphins make rapid clicking sounds which echo back to them telling them how far away an object is and its size and shape.
  • Bottlenose dolphins are the skilled performers of marine parks.  However, many people feel they should be left to live a normal life in the ocean.
  • Dolphins need protection; many still drown in fishing nets and many more are harmed when their habitat becomes polluted.


Once a Raja from Borneo was sailing to SUmatra with his daughter, the princess.  She was to marry the prince of Sumatra and they brought with them as a dowry a huge chest full of precious jewels.  As they neared their destination, the ship was becalmed.  The Raja impatiently ordered the royal crew to lower the chest into a small noat that could be rowed to shore, but while it was being moved, a rope snapped and the chest fell into the sea.  Bright jewels tumbled through the clear water.  In a fury, the Raja ordered the men to search for the jewels.  For seven days, they dove and dove again, never finding anything. On the eighth day, a wind arose and the Raja sailed away crying, “I curse you all to remain in the water until the jewels are found”  The people abandoned in the sea never came to shore again.  In time, they changed shape and became dolphins.  Some say that to this day they leap and plunge in their search.  Others say that the reason dolphins always seem to be smiling is that they found the jewels and now have their own happy kingdom under the sea.

    – a folktale from Indonesia

Classic Teddy Bears

North American Bear Company offers a great selection of classic teddy bears – great for all ages.

Jingles Teddy Bear

Jingles is a teddy bear for the holidays – all wrapped up with a red bow and a jingle bell.

Ruggles Teddy Bear

Ruggles Teddy Bear by North American Bear Company


Ruggles looks dapper with his signature tartan plaid bow.

Peanut Teddy Bear

Peanut Teddy Bear by North American Bear Company

Peanut is a natural with signature floppy limbs.

View more stuffed animals by North American Bear Company at

Garment Dyed Cotton Kids Clothing

Garment Dyed Cotton French Terry Hoodie

Garment Dyed Hoodie by Cow & Lizard

At Cow & Lizard, we believe that kids should be kids.  Our clothes are designed to be loose fitting, comfortable and easy to mix and match for outfits that are fun & playful to waer.  We focus on quality and value for everyday wear.

Our clothes are made from a heavy, open end cotton sewn here in the USA that will stand up to the test of kids.  We garment dye our clothes for that unique casual look.   Dyeing, washing & weaving irregularities are natural characteristics of this fabric & are part of the fun of our product.  We like the comfy casual look – the just out of the dryer – no ironing involved – look. 

Our screen printing is done locally in water based inks.  We like the simple “non-perfect” designs that are hand drawn. 

Our fall collection can be viewed at

Chihuahua Hand Puppet by Folkmanis

Chihuahua Hand Puppet by Folkmanis

Chihuahua Hand Puppet by Folkmanis

available at


  • Chihuahuas were discovered in 1850 in the Mexican state of the same name.  Chihuahua is an indigenous word meaning dry and sandy place.
  • Chihuahuas are the smallest breed of dog and are probably descended from a native Mexican dog of the Toltec people, the techichi.
  • The Chihuahua is the only dog with a molera, a soft spot in the skill like that of humna babies, which closes as the puppy matures.
  • Chihuahuas make devoted, intelligent, and curious pets.  They can also be quite ferocious, even with dogs many times their size.

Earth Dragon Hand Puppet by Folkmanis

Earth Dragon Hand Puppet by Folkmanis

Earth Dragon Hand Puppet by Folkmanis

available at


  • The dragon myth is as old as recorded history.  A mesopotamian story tells that the neavens and earth were made from the body of the dragon whose blood became the humna race.
  • The word dragon is derived from the Greek derkomai meaning to see.  Dragons are thought to be very sharp sighted and sharp witted.
  • In European lore, dragons are terrifying and greedy creatures;  they live in mountain caves where they hoard jewels and gold.
  • In medieval stories, heroes and saints fight and slay these evil dragons.  Modern tales more often portray dragons as holders of ancient wisdom and magic.

NEW Play Food Sets by Plan Toys

Plan Toys has added some new wooden play food sets to their line of kitchen toys.  Check them out at  They are great for pretend and imaginative play – helping to develop social skills, language & communication and imagination. 

Their toys are thoughtfully designed to strengthen child development skills, allow children to discover & explore their potential through play and enables children to play, learn, and grow closer to nature.

bagel with cheese wooden play food

cake set wooden play foodsteak dinner wooden play food

spaghetti wooden play foodcupcakes & swiss rolls wooden play food

sandwich meal wooden play food