Flyer Activity Toys

A kite is a classroom on a string – it’s a whole new approach to learning.  Kids get exercise, and learn about weather, wind and areodynamics – an they just think they’re having fun!

The flyer activity toys by the Parents Toy Collection are available in Lucky Ladybug, Busy Butterfly and Buzzing Bee.  

Throw it!

  • grasp the center frame with thumb and forefinger
  • lift your arm and pull your wrist back slightly to prepare for flight
  • release and throw the flyer forward and watch it soar through the air

Sprin it!

  • connect the hook onto the flyer
  • hold the stick above your head and spin flyer in circular motion

    Buzzing Bee Flyer

    Buzzing Bee Flyer



Family Games by Blue Orange

Gather the family around a table and play a family game.  Blue Orange Games has just the right games for you.

Try Speedeebe – a family word game.  For 2 to 6 players from ages 8 years to adult.    With oodles of creative challenges and dice combinations.  Speedeebee is excitingly different each time you play.

Check out the four dice below and see if you can….

  • name something you could find in a haunted house, starting with one of these letters
  • name an object you can fit into a pocket, starting with the green letter
  • name something you can switch on and off, containing the red letter
  • name an object that you can see right now containing the purple letter
  • name an ice cream flavor containing the blue letter
  • name a place where you would love to go, containing none of these letters
Speedeebee Family Game by Blue Orange

Speedeebee Family Game by Blue Orange


Little Mouse Puppet from Folkmanis

little mouse

little mouse

Facts of Interest:

  • mice ar eone of the most widely spread animals on the planet, covering every corner of the globe including parts of Antarctica
  • there are 40 species of mice worldwide
  • wild mice live in various habitats including grassy fields, woodlands and human homes
  • the domestic mouse is a popular pet because of its compact size and tranquil demeanor
  • a female mouse can give birth as early as two months of age and can have between six and ten litters per year
  • an average litter consists of 5 – 6 pups
  • for mice, gestation takes only 5 weeks
  • a group of 6 mice can multiply into a group of 60 in just 3 months
  • mouse pups are born pink and hairless with eyes and ears closed
  • once they grow fur and gain mobility, adolescent mice enter the “hopper” stage, in which they move about in springy jumps
  • mice are a staple in the diet of many wild animals including owls, hawks, wolves and foxes
  • this keeps their populations under control
  • mice can live between 2-3 years in captivity but because of predators, wild mice usually do not live longer than a year
  • wild mice usually live in underground nests and burrows
  • mice have sensitive sense of smell and taste as well as excellent hearing
  • their sight is rather poor and they are colorblind
  • mice use their large plumes of whiskers as sensors
  • mice are omnivorous



Jellycat – Nothing but the Best!

Jellycat’s mission everyday is to be the perfect point of paradise for children of all ages.  Their inspirationis largely bases on fashion trends in the world’s most continental cities.  They focus on delivering products that reflect their customer’s personality and sense of style.  All safety standards are either met or exceeded.  Children hug, smooch, drag, love and sleep with Jellycat stuffed animals.  Checkout the wonderful selection of plush stuffed animals by Jellycat at

Cordy Roy Donkey

Cordy Roy Donkey

NEW Little Bat Puppet from Folkmanis


  • bats have existed for at least 50 million years
  • scientists believe they evolved from squirrels
  • there are over 1000 species of bats
  • most bats are nocturnal
  • they sleep during the day hanging upside-down from cave walls, attic ceilings, undersides of bridges or high in the trees
  • the place where a bat sleeps is called its roost
  • bats come out to forage or hunt at night
  • bats have been know to care for sick and elderly members of their colony by feeding them when they are unable to leave the roost to forage and hunt
  • bats are social animals and most sleep together in huge groups called colonies
  • Bracken Cave in Texas is home to 25 million bats
  • in the spring, female bats give birth to babies called pups
  • bats usually have one pup at a time, but sometimes twins
  • bats live between 10-20 years
  • the oldest bat on record was 41 years old
  • many bats have an extremely acute sense of smell
  • since it is difficult to see at long distances during the night, some species of bat use echolocation or biosonar to get a sense of what is around them
  • the bat emits a call into the air and listens for the echo that reflects off of object around them
  • a bat’s wings are made of 2 yaers of skin that cover its arm and fingers
  • much like a human hand, a bat’s has 4 fingers and a small thumb with a sharp nail used for climbing, grooming and grasping food
  • Bats’ fingers are incredibly long compared to the size of their bodies
  • bats diets vary greatly from species to species
  • the infamous Vampire Bat feed on blood, mostly from large livestock
  • the Fruit Bat eats fruit and nectar from flowers
  • most species of bat eat insects like mosquitos
  • Little Bat Puppet from Folkmanis

    Little Bat Puppet from Folkmanis

NEW Piglet Hand Puppet from Folkmanis




  • piglets are born in litters of 10 on the average – buth they can be as large as 30
  • people began domesticating wild boar piglets as early as 8000 BC
  • one piglets are weaned from their mother’s milk at about 8 weeks oldm they become omnivores and eat a wide variety of foods
  • pig’s ability to thrive on leftovers from the kithchen and surplus crops has made them ideal farm animals
  • pigs are ranked fifth on the list of the world’s most interlligent animals based on their ability to problem solve
  • pigs are part of a group of animals called artiodactyls – meaning even-toed – which includes other hoofed animals like giraffes, deer and camels


Kaleidoscope Toys

A kaleidoscope is a cylinder with mirrors often  containing loose, colored objects.   As the viewer looks into one end,  the light entering the other end creates a colorful pattern, due to the reflection off of the mirrors. The word ”kaleidoscope” means  “observer of beautiful forms.”

Plan Toys has several wooden kaleidoscope toys available  – mushrooms, fish, shell and starfish.


Fish Kaleidoscope



mushroom kaleidoscope