Little Hedgehog Puppet – a cute little fuzzy ball!

Little Hedgehog puppet by Folkmanis

Little Hedgehog puppet by Folkmanis



  • hedgehogs are carnivorous mammals
  • they are 5-12 inches long
  • there are 15 species spread over Europe, Africa and Asia
  • Hedgehogs got their name because of their foraging style and grunting
  • they root into hedges and bushes for food, making pig-like snorting sounds
  • their diet consists mainly of insects, snails, worms, frogs, mice, snakes and centipedes
  • they can be useful pets because  they eat many common garden pests
  • the defense mechanism is its most notable characteristic
  • their backs are covered in hard, sharp spines
  • when threatened, they roll up into an unappetizing, spikey ball, discouraging most predators
  • Hedgehogs are nocturnal
  • they usually sleep during the day in the rolled up position and unfurl themselves to hunt at night
  • in cold conditions, they hibernate
  • in hot climates,they can asleep through drought and extreme heat in a process similar to hibernation called aestivation
  • they have poor eyesight but have a keen sense of smell and excellent hearing
  • females give birth once a year to litters of 1-11 young
  • baby hedgehogs are ready to strike out on their own at 4-7 weeks old
  • Hedgehogs typically live 2-7 years
  • Lifespans of up to 16 years have been recorded

Leopard Shark Folkmanis Hand Puppet – very chic!

Leopard Shark Hand Puppet by Folkmanis

Leopard Shark Hand Puppet by Folkmanis



  • Leopard Sharks are named for their distinctive black spots
  • they are members of the houndshark family
  • they live up to 20 years of age
  • they grow to about 4-5 feet long
  • Leopard Sharks can be found off the Pacific coast from Oregon to California
  • they prefer shallows with rocky bottoms, mudflats and sand flats
  • their diet consists mostly of shrimp, crab, bony fish, octopus and smaller sharks
  • Leopard Shark eggs hatch inside the mother’s body and are released in litters of from 4 to 30 pups

Little Pounder – A Wooden Toy with Developmental Benefits

Little Pounder by Hape Toys

Little Pounder by Hape Toys

     show kids how to pound the peg through the hole and count each time he pounds and makes contact with the peg
     Make music – pretend the hammer is an instrument and sing out “tap, tap, tap” or “pound, pound, pound” each time the hammer hits the peg – make up a song or rhythm
     help kids discover the difference in power between the right, left, then both hands.

Little Auto – Room to Move!

Little Auto by Hape Toys

Little Auto by Hape Toys

  • Fine Motor

                    observe your child pushing the car with different amounts of force as he/she gauges where it will end up


  • Physical Development

                         push cars allow your child to refine fine and gross motor skills – this skill also contributes to a sense of mastery and improves self confidence


  • Imagination

                             create storis about the cars – let them be silly and join in! 


Double Rainbow Stacker – Naturally Fun!

double rainbow stacker

double rainbow stacker

  • Shape Matching – encourages children to match colors

   Notice that the star and blossom shapes are different and sort by shapes, instead and stack them without placing them on the posts


  • Visualization -once children stacks the shapes on the posts, view it from the top to see how the shapes make a color pattern – what a different perspective!
  • Fine Motor – let children explore and experiment solo with this toy and discover the patterns that can be made     


Stack and Swivel Clown

stack and swivel clown

stack and swivel clown

  • developed with a child’s developmental needs in mind
  • naturally fun
  • maple wood and nontoxic paints
  • color matching
  • shape recognition
  • enhances vocabulary
  • hand-eye coordination



  • watch your child stack, sort by size or color, tap or turn the rings over – then follow their lead
  • talk about what your child is doing
  • observe how your child creates different sequences of colors and shapes as they are placed on the post.  Is one or both hands used?  Is it the same design over and over or a different one?



A Day in the Life of Myles – October 20, 2012

Today I went to my friends birthday party.  We first went bowling and we had pizza there.  Then we went back to his house where we had cake, opened presents and played.  When it got dark, we made s’mores outside at the fire pit.  It was a sleepover, so then we got our sleeping bags outs and we stayed up talking real late.  It was a lot of fun.

Until tomorrow – Myles out!


Mom’s comments:

This was Myles’ first sleepover.  His older brother had a closer circle of friends and they had sleepovers all the time starting in Kindergarten.  This is the first time in his entire 10 years of life that I have spent a night away from him.  I remember when his older brother was away before Myles was born, the house was so empty.  Myles had fun and we went out to dinner.

Djeco Toys, Crafts and Decor now at Cow & Lizard

Djeco is a company located in France with a large selection of toys, games, art kits, and room decor.  Known for their beautiful illustrations and design, we are proud to now be offering this unique line in our store.



Because play is essential to a child’s development, Djeco’s collection is ever more entertaining, educational and imaginative.  Faithful to their artistic approach, the passionate and inventive Djeco creative team calls on talented illustrators to enchance their collection of games and toys.




Beautiful solid boxes, high quality material, images designed by talented illustratos, booklets where each step is explained in color…this is how this collection, already enjoyed by many children and parents, is designed.




Since its formation, the toy company Djeco gives a dominated place to illustration.  This gave them the idea to devise decorations that will fire your children’s creative im

Planimal Australia Series – Wooden Animals Play Set

Australia Series

Australia Series

The set includes a Kangaroo, a Koala, a wombat, an Emu and a two-sided graphic scene featuring Australian animals.
  • introduces conservation to children’s thinking by using animals characters from the 4 continents of the world
  • Australia has some of the most unusual animals and plants
  • almost all marsupial such as the Kangaroo, Koala, Emu and Wombat (pouched mammals) are found only in Australia
  • children can expand their knowlege about animal life while playing with the Planimal Series

A Day in the Life of Myles – October 17, 2012

Today it rained all day.  When I got home, I finished my MineCraft legos set – it looks great!

Until tomorrow – Myles out!

Mom’s Comments:

How long has Legos been around?  My brothers and I used to play with them when we were kids.  Of course the sets were just basic blocks back then – nothing as elaborate as the sets they have available now.  My brother and I entered a legos building contest once.  He built the American Flag.  I made a mail box – complete with a mail slot.  It was a national contest and  I won 10th place.  My prize was more Legos.