Leaf Art Journal

Encourage the love and respect of nature with your kids and start a Leaf Art Journal.  Kids can collect leaves throughout the summer and record their collections in an art journal.

Items Needed:

  • blank notebook
  • colored pencils
  • tree identification guide (try your local library)
  • scotch tape


  1. Gather your materials together
  2. Collect leaves throughout the year.
  3. Press the leaves between clean pages in the journal and tape the leaf stem onto the page to help keep it in place
  4. On the page, you can record such things as where and when you found the leaf, a description of it’s characteristics (size, shape, color, etc.) and anything else that you want to record.
  5. Use the tree guide to identify the leaf so you can record it in your journal along with any other interesting facts.
  6. Draw your own pictures of the leaf and/or the tree it

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