The Ferret Runs, How He Runs

Here is a simple game that you can be played indoors or outdoors at a kids party or play group.  It is a traditional French children’s game that involves singing, but for our American version, singing is not required.  All you need beside children is a rope and a small ring.

Take a rope that allows about 20 inches per child and slip a small ring on it.  Tie both ends together in a knot.

Have the kids form a circle around the rope with one child standing in the center.  The kids should hold the rope with both hands.

To play the game, have the child in the center cover his eyes while the ring on the rope is hidden under the hand of one of the kids holding the rope.  Together, the kids on the rope slide their hands over to their neighbor and  if they have the ring, pass it to them being careful not to show it.

The child in the center tries to guess which person’s hand the ring is under as it is being passed around by touching the hand.  He/she keeps guessing until correct.  This person is now it and they change places.

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