Groovy Girls are 15 Years Old!

How groovy is this?  Groovy Girls are celebrating its 15th birthday this year and these trend setting girlies are still going strong with a new generation of girls! Its always time to party on in their glam world where everybody’s accepted and loved for exactly who they are.  Fashion conscious and always smiling, these funky friends represent delightful diversity and child like optimism with amazing style.  These BFFs are artistic too – with trendy clothes, chic environments, awesome accessories and craft kits that continue to celebrate individuality and sassy self esteem.

Groovy Girls

Groovy Girls

Baby Stella by Manhattan Toy – Simply Sweet Dolls

Manhattan Toy’s little Stella is a star, and definitely the center of the universe  in a galaxy of dolls.  They prove that the key to perfection is in the details.  Soft fabrics, expressive smiles and fanciful embroidery make the award winning Baby Stella ideal for a child’s first doll.  Their designers have thought of everything from realistic sounds, to her unique magnetic pacifier, and adorable clothing.  Most impressive are Stella’s amazing soft and safe lifestyle accessories that allow for a care giving experience that feels just like the real thing.  Manhattan Toy is convinced that there is just no other like her!


Baby Stella

Baby Stella

Stella faces are expressive, bright-eyed and smiling, their feet and hands are delightfully dimples and their round little heads feature tousled tufts and ponytails of blond, brunette, strawberry and black hair.  Self awareness and recognition are part of the learning experience offered by this series created to encourage early verbal skills and role playing behavior in toddlers.
Check out the Baby Stella line of dolls, clothing and accessories by Manhattan Toy at

My Own Bear Supports Hugs Across America

My Own Bear Ruby

My Own Bear Ruby

My Own Bear collection from North American Bear Company are plush animals made of soft velboa with whimsical charm and charitable hearts designed by kids for kids.  A portion of My Own Bear sales is donated to Hugs Across America. 
My Own Bears are designed by kids for yours.  Each child’s original drawing is featured on the bear’s hang tag along with the heartwarming story that inspired the design.  A portion of the My Own Bear sales is donated to Hugs Across American by North American Bear Company.
Hugs Across America is a nondenominational, not for profit charitable organization providing teddy bears, curricular materials and messages of care to lessen the fear and anxiety experienced by children in crisis.  Its mission is to bring comfort to children in traumatic situations through the hugs of teddy nears with messages of loving care.

Thoughtful Girl Paper Dolls by eeBoo


These paper doll sets come with a 2-sided stand-up scene, 2 thoughtful girls on heavy board that are 7.75″ tall, and 2 sheets of re-usable electrostatic vinyl clothes and accessories. Comes packaged in a beautifully illustrated box with a carrying handle

Paper Dolls

Paper Dolls

Elodie & Naomi
Musician and Artist Studio
Elodie – “I play the piano and guitar, and love to practice in the school’s elegant conservancy.  I come here everyday in the afternoon and sometimes my friends join me here to talk and play music.”
Naomi – “I love this studio, with lots of light and a beautiful view.  I spend most of my free time here, painting and drawing still lives and portraits.  Sometimes my friends come over to sketch with me, and we talk while we work.
Paper Dolls

Paper Dolls

Sasha & Jasmine
Naturalist and Explorer
Sasha – “When I’m at school, this private cozy library is my favorite place to be.  I love to pull down the books to read and find pictures of new places.  My friends love to come and spend time here with me.
Jasmine – ” I love nature, and these are the beautiful gardens I tend outside my school’s greenhouse.  I sit here and read or have my friends come visit and watch the sun set with me.”
Paper Dolls

Paper Dolls

 Phoebe & Iris

Poet and Astronomer

Phoebe – “These are the stables where I take care of a wonderful horse.  In the afternoon, after classes, my friends meet me here and we can go for a ride.  On quiet afternoons I just sit here and write poetry.

Iris – “I love Astronomy, and this is the balconey outside the school’s observatory.  I spend lots of time here watching the stars and sometimes, on special occasions, I have my friends come over for a party.”



The Wonderful Wizard of Oz


Wizard of Oz would be shown on TV once a year – in black & white back then – and I would be so excited to be able to watch it. The waiting was always worth it as the movie was just magical to me everytime. I would get scared during the Wicked Witch scenes, dream big when the Good Witch appeared, skip down the yellow brick road and sing along with the Munchkins.

North American Bear Company has created 7.5″ plush dolls in 6 of the characters – Dorothy (with Toto), Wicked Witch, Good Witch, Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman. Beautiful little characters made of tricot, cotton, satin, Tulle and plush with an elastic loop on the back for finger puppet play or for hanging from a backpack. Girls can re-create their own version of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz or keep them close as they watch the movie – now in color of course and available more than once a year – oh how times have changed!

The Wizard of Oz

Follow that yellow brick road!

the folks at Cow & Lizard


NEW Willow Dolls from NA Bear Company


Inspired by the traditional European style of classic Wladorf doll, the Willow Dolls have a subtle expression and relaxed body shape, enabling a child to imagine their own doll personality or special characteristics.  The cotton jersey knit body offers cuddly soft companionship.  The neutral embroidered facial expresssion engages creativity and imagination.  The removable linen jumper and cotton jersey knit top provide dress-up play.

Tan Willow Doll by NA Bear Company

Tan Willow Doll by NA Bear Company

Peach Willow Doll by NA Bear Company

Peach Willow Doll by NA Bear Company

Best Friends Forever!

  • Best Friends Forever magnetic dress up play set by Melissa & Doug

    Best Friends Forever! magnetic dress up play set by Melissa & Doug

  • helps teach hand eye coordination as well as matching and fine motor skills, encourages imaginative and independent play


  • ask the child to dress the dolls and then tell you a story about where they are going and what they will be doing
  • ask the child to count the number of shoes or any other articles of clothing contained in the set
  • trace the pieces on paper and let the child color them and create their own outfits – assist in cutting out the new outfits that can be temporarily affixed to the existing pieces
  • place four or more oieces in front of the child – let her study the pieces before asking her to close her eyes while you remove one piece – ask her to identify which piece was removed
  • identify specific outfits that Mia, Sarah, Ava or Hannah should wear, and have the child find them

Dolls by North American Bear Company

Everyday Friends of the Earth and Culture Club Kids dolls by North American Bear Co.

Hello Dolly!  North American Bear Company has an enchanting realm of everyday dolls.  From Earth friendly dolls to dolls with an international flair, the dolls are perfect for today’s little girl.

The Culture Club Kids are soft tricot with yarn hair and distinctive international fashion charm.  These dolls are 9″ tall.  Choose from: Celia, Gigi, Anu, Jennifer, Chizu, Erin, Ines and Layla.

The Everyday Friends of the Earth are cuddly soft for baby and friendly to the Earth too!  REmovable soft cotton dress, organic cotton jersey knit body with silk screened face and recycled fleece hair and stuffing.  These dolls are 10″ tall and come in blonde and brunette hair.

These dolls by North American Bear Company are available at

Fairyland Friends Dolls

Fairyland Friends

Whimsical Fairy friends to collect!


Swift Damsel-fly spends her time racing to and fro with her dragonfly pal.  Her magical powers allow her to stop time.  Damsel-fly often visits children playing, making time stand still so they can play as long as they want.


Ever loving Rosie spends her time sprinkling perfumes into the blooms with her magic watering can.  Rosie likes to lay in petals, and if a flower smells wonderful, it is because Rosie was just there a few minutes ago!


Bluebell is the shyest fairy in the realm.  Only true friends can understand what Bluebell says.  She likes to visit children and listen to their stories.  If they are very quiet, children can hear her soft bell ringing as they drift off to sleep.


Silly Daisy can make anyone or anything feel silly and laugh by giving them a sprinkle from her bottle of magic daisy petals.  And poof!  Instant laughter!


Musical Tulip flits through the garden, making music with the touch of her magical fairy wand!  Tulip loves to giggle with her fairy and animal friends, and the sound of her laughter is as sweet as a symphony.


Fanciful Lily is a charming fairy, with a face that’s the fairest of them all!  Lily can often be found sprinkling glittery fairy dust into the pond, creating sparkes as fancy as her wings.

Sweet Pea

Mischievious Sweet Pea weaves magical garlands and tickles sleeping children as she places them on their heads.  If you smell a fragrance in your hair, you know that Sweet Pea has been there.


Sweet little Honeysuckle carries around a magic jug of delicious flower nector.  One tiny sip allows a human to see the fairy world for one day.  Honeysuckle works alongside the bees and butterflies gathering nectars.

These Fairyland Friends are available at

It’s fairy nice to meet you!

    the folks at Cow & Lizard

Fancy Fairy Furnishings

Fancy Fairy Furnishings Play Set

Fancy Fairy Furnishings


Beautifully detailed painted wooden furniture for your Everything Enchanted fairy figures.  Included are:  a couch and chair with fabric cushions, a mushroom shaped dining room table, 2 dining chairs with petal shaped backs, a colorful felt floor mat and decorative flower pot.