Halloween Fire Safety Tips


Fire safety is just as important at Halloween as it is during the rest of the year.  It may even be more important because of the extra responsibilities that the holiday brings.  Here are some safety tips to help keep your Trick or Treaters and family safe.


  •      1)  Costumes and decorations should be made of flame-resistant material
  •      2)  Avoid wearing loose, flammable clothing
  •      3)  Each mask, wig and costume should be easily seen at night
  •      4)  Use battery powered lights for jack-o-lanterns, not candles
  •     5)  Keep decorations away from sources of heat, such as exposed bulbs and open flames
  •     6)  Have an adult check all candy before children eat it
Halloween Fire Safety Tips

Halloween Fire Safety Tips


Have a safe Halloween!

the folks at Cow & Lizard


Halloween Safety Tips


Kids love Halloween and they usually only have candy and costumes on their minds.  Below are some safety tips so Halloween night is fun for all kids.



  • -check to see what time your community has designated Trick or Treating
  • -carry a flashlight
  • -wear a reflective costume with an exposed face
  • -have an adult chaperon
  • -tell other family members where you will trick or treating
  • -cross streets at corners
  • -stay away from parked cars
  • -if there are no sidewalks, walk facing traffic
  • -stay in familiar neighborhoods
  • -walk, don’t run
  • -stay in driveways or sidewalks
  • -be courteous to all
  • -don’t walk on the home’s lawns
  • -trick or treat only at houses with a porch light on
  • -eat your candy after an dult has inspected them



  • -slow down when driving around
  • -be extra alert for trick or treaters
  • -drive with headlights on



  • -turn on porch lights
  • -give away only individually wrapped candy or treats
  • -park cars in garage


Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips


Happy Trick or Treating!

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Fire Prevention Week – Have Two Ways Out

Only one third of households have a home fire escape plan and only about half of those have actually practiced it.  Seconds and minutes can be all the difference in surviving a fire.  Preparation is important part of being able to deal with an emergency and preparing your family with an escape plan in the case of a home fire is very crucial.  Below are some tips for making it a family activity with your children.


  • -make a map of your house
  • -mark a door or window to be used to get out of each room
  • -choose a meeting place outside the front of your house
  • -draw the meeting place on your map
  • -write emergency telephone numbers on your map
  • -sound the smoke alarm
  • -practice your escape drill
  • -keep your escape plan the the refrigerator
  • -practice your drill at least twice a year


Help your kids learn about the importance of fire escape planning as well as the power of prevention.

the folks at Cow & Lizard

School and Child Safety Topics


My son came home with a brochure from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children with tips for parents on keeping their kids safe.  Check out their website for resources for parents and guardians at http://www.missingkids.com/missingkids/servlet/PageServlet?LanguageCountry=en_US&PageId=200



Tip for Toilet Training Boys

Having gone through potty training with 2 boys myself, I just wanted to share a little tip I used with them.  I would throw a few Cheerios into the toilet for them to aim at and help them learn to pee in the toilet bowl.  I used Cheerios as we always had plenty in the house, but anything small that floats and is flushable will do. 

Hope this helps!