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Loto - A Beautiful Matching Kids Game by Djeco

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Djeco is a French company whose toys, games and decor are beautifully designed.  Their toys are entertaining, educational, and imaginative.  Loto is one of their games geared towards kids ages 2 years and older.  It is an association game of images and language.  It comes packaged in a cardboard box with a string carrying handle so all the pieces can be stored in the box when not in play.  The box itself shows the beautiful illustrations of the four seasons.  The tokens are made of sturdy cardboard and are about the size a a half dollar.  All in all - a quality game.

Djeco Loto Kids Game

This is how the game is played.  You begin by laying all the tokens upside down.  Each player then chooses a board illustrating the four seasons.  Pick a player to go first and he/she then turns over a token.  If it matches a drawing on his/her board, then he/she places it on the corresponding drawing on the board.  If it doesn't match, then it gets placed back with the other tokens - upside down.  Kids will learn to remember where the token is if they need it to match their board.  Each player takes turns and the first to fill up their card is the winner.

A great first game for your toddlers and preschoolers.  Have fun!

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