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Speedeebee! A Brain Teaser Family Game

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A small round tin packed with 50 cards, 4 dice and illustrated rules is all your family needs to have an evening of fun.  Can you beat the bee with The Speedeebee family game by Blue Orange?

Welcome to the buzzing world of Speedeebee!  A hive full of challenges is waiting for you and your family.  Each dice is color coded with a letter.  When you roll it, you need to solve these brain teasers using a word that begins or contains with the letter on the dice.

  • Name something you could find in a haunted house.
  • Name an object you can fit into a pocket.
  • Name something you can switch on and off.
  • Name an object that you can see right now.
  • Name an ice cream flavor.
  • Name a place where you would love to go.

So - find out if you are the speediest bee in the hive and join in the fun with this ultimate word game.  With oodles of creative challenges and dice combinations, this family game is excitingly different each time you play!  

May the brightest bee prevail!

Blue Orange Speedeebee

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