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Groovy Tube Book - Magical Creatures

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The Groovy Tube Book is a fact book, creatures and a game board all in one.  The Magical Creatures will teach kids all about incredible creatures, their magical powers and the unbelievable stories behind them.  Some of the magical creatures are a siren, mermaid, hippogriff, hippocamous, kelpie and a selkie.

Save the Selkie is the game that is included in this Groovy Tube Book.  


A shipwrecked sailor on a magical island has fallen in love with a selkie.  She wants to reutrn home to the sea, but he has hidden her sealskin somewhere on the island.  A  magical creature is guarding it.  Your goal is to determine who is guarding the skin and where it is hidden.  You must make your way around the island, gathering clues until you find the skin and defeat its guardian creature.


The player who defeats the creature guarding the selkie's skin wins the game.

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