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Origami - the Art of Paper Folding

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It is amazing what can be made just from folding paper - from birds to puppets, from simple to intricate - just amazing!  As a kid, we loved to make the fortune tellers or some call them cootie catchers.  It was great fun and we had a lot of laughs with this game.  All it took was a piece of paper, a pencil or markers and some simple folding.  We also liked to make paper boats or paper hats out of newspapers.  There was a running stream in the woods near our house and we would have races with our decorated boats.  Some good old-fashioned fun for kids - it really does not take much to have fun.  No batteries, lights, sounds, cords etc. - just some imagination. 

Check out our Pinterest board for some ideas for kids crafts and projects. 


Djeco makes an Origami Bird Game - a fun game with paper folding and stickers for kids 6 years and older.

Origami Bird Game by Djeco

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