Are There Toys That Are Made in the USA?

Although the majority of toys are made overseas, there are still some toy companies manufacturing their toys right here in the United States.  One such company is Green Toys.  They are also unique because their toys are eco-friendly – hence the name Green Toys.  This company takes recycled milk jugs and makes their toys out of them.  What a fabulous idea!  Way back when – before my time – the milk man would deliver glass bottles of milk to your door.  There used to be those little boxes that would be by the door where they would leave the new bottles full of milk and take back the empty bottles.  What a system!  Now, we go to the store and buy milk in the plastic jugs and all those go back to be recycled – hopefully.

Green Toys line includes:

Baby toys – teethers, stackers, sorters and more

Bath & Water toys – planes, boats, submarines and more

Vehicles – rockets, planes, cars, and more

Kitchen Play – food sets, dish sets, tea sets and more

Building – tool sets, etc

Active & Outdoor Play – jump ropes, sand toys, planting kits and more

Green Eats – plates, bowls, tumblers and more


Green Toys Tug Boat

Green Toys Tug Boat

Green Toys Bowl

Green Toys BowlGreen Toys Vehicles

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Ham & Cheese Breakfast Casserole – A Good Way To Start the Day

This recipe is a hearty meal that makes a great breakfast or brunch on the weekends.  It doesn’t have any unusual ingredients and the flavors taste so good together that I am sure your kids will want second helpings. 

Ham & Cheese Breakfast Casserole Recipe


  • 8 slices of bread
  • 2 cups shredded cheddar or swiss cheese
  • 1 cup cooked chipped ham
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 cup cream
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1 Tbsp. chopped parsley
  • 1 cup evaporated milk
  • paprika


  1. Lightly grease the inside of your crock pot
  2. trim the crusts off the slices of bread and then cut them into bite sized cubes
  3. put in crock pot
  4. add cheese on top
  5. add ham on top
  6. in a bowl, beat eggs and add cream, salt and parsely – mix well
  7. add evaporated milk to egg mixture
  8. whisk together well
  9. pour into crock pot
  10. sprinkle lightly with paprika
  11. cover
  12. cook on low for 3-4 hours


As a Mom, it is always satisfying to have your kids start the day with a warm meal in the tummies.  It is so easy to resort to serving cold cereal as it is quick and easy, so a quick an easy recipe for breakfast is a plus. 

Breakfast Menu by Plan Toys

Breakfast Menu by Plan Toys

The newest toys from Plan Toys are made from PlanWood.  Continuing with their commitment for a sustainable future, they introduced PlanWood in 2012 as another high quality, safe and sustainable material in their toy making process/  This material will be used in harmony with their solid rubberwood.  PlanWood is an eco-friendly material because the waste in minimized and fewer trees are reclaimed.  The less energy used to produce PlanWood ultimately reduces the environmental impact.
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Arizona – The Grand Canyon State

We are up to the third state in our know your state series.  It is Arizona which was the 48th state admitted to the USA on February 14, 1912 – Valentines’s Day – exactly 50 years after it was recognized as a US territory.

State Capital:  Phoenix

State Flower:  Saguaro Cactus Blossom

State Bird:  Cactus Wren

State Butterfly:  Two-Tailed Swalloe

State Fish:  Apache Trout

State Mammal:  Ringtail

State Reptile:  Ridge-Nosed Rattlesnake

State Gem:  Turquoise

State Tree:  Palo Verde

State Nickname:  Grand Canyon State

State Motto:  “Ditat Deus”  God enriches

State Song:  “Arizona March Song”


Most of Arizona is not privately owned, about 85% is made up of Indian Reservations, forests, parks or land held in state trust.  The dry climate of Arizona makes it a desirable place for retirement.  The first old-age home for Seniors opened in Prescott, AZ in 1911.

Arizona’s claim to fame is the Grand Canyon – one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World.  It is more than a mile deep and stretches 18 miles wide in some parts.  It was formed over a million years ago when the Colorado River, wind and ice carved it out.  John Wesly Powell was an explorer who first called it the “Grand Canyon” when in 1869 he led a group of 9 people on a 1000 mile trip down the Colorado River.  This was particularly amazing because he only had one arm as he had lost the other one fighting in the Civil War.  An amazing man to have accomplished so much!

When you think of Arizona, you probably envision sandy deserts with lots of cactus.  The Cactus you most often see is a giant one with a few arms growing upward.  This is called a Saguaro and the tallest one in Arizona is almost 58 feet tall.  They live for well over 100 years and the arms you see don’t start to grow until the cactus is 65 years old already.  The flower blooms only once at night.  Birds also like to make holes in the cactus for their nests.

Arizona has a large Native American population.  The Navajo reservation covers 27,000 square mile in the Northeast part of the state.  The Apache and Hopi also have smaller reservations and together, it is the largest Indian Reservation area.

A beautiful site in the state is the Painted Desert.  Its layers turn red, pink, orange and purple from the mineral and decaying organic matter.

A Little trivia for you – what is the difference between a tee-pee and a wigwam?  A tee-pee is a cone shaped structure of stripped tree saplings covered with cloth and a wigwam is a dome shaped and usually covered with grass, brush, bark or reeds.


Plan Toys Balancing Cactus
Plan Toys Balancing Cactus

PlanToys values have been rooted from embracing Mother Nature.  They have grown their green values into values of Sustainable Play.  Sustainable Play is the foundation of how their toys cultivate creative minds and bring children closer to nature.  PlanToys has gained global recognition through their philosophies and beautifully crafted wooden toys.  Check out the entire PlanToys line at



Green Toys – The World’s Most Environmentally Conscious Toy Line

 As a small, family-owned children’s toy and clothing store competing in the huge world of ecommerce, we like to distinguish ourselves by the unique products we have in our store, Cow & Lizard.  One such company with a compelling story is Green Toys.  They are an environmentally and socially responsible manufacturer of toys and tableware.  Their products are made from eco-friendly raw materials here in theUSAwith a mission of making products that are safe, fun and good for the earth.  Green Toys uses 100% recycled plastic milk jugs to manufacture their non-toxic, food-safe toys and tableware.  By using 100% post consumer recycled plastic; they divert these materials from going to landfills and reduce their carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. 

            The manufacturing process begins with empty plastic milk jugs that are collected from curbside recycling.  These are then cleaned and shredded into small flakes.  These flakes are colored with mineral based colorant which is food safe.  This raw material is used to manufacture the toys and tableware in theUSA.  All parts are inspected by hand and the assembled products are also inspected on site as well and tested by an independent third party.  All relevant safety standards are either met or exceeded.  Their products are also packaged using only recycled and recyclable materials, with no plastic, cellophane or twist ties and printed with soy inks.  With safety of the highest priority for Green Toys as well as for parents, you can be assured that these eco-friendly, US made products are not only safe, but also fun.

            The Green Eats line of tableware from Green Toys is a safe, environmentally responsible alternative to plastic tableware.  The tableware contains no BPA, phthalates, melamine or external paints or coatings; they meet FDA requirements for food contact, and are dishwasher safe.

            Their line of toys are known for classic designs but in eco-friendly materials with the boasting rights of the “world’s most environmentally conscious toy line.”  From baby toys to outdoor toys, the ever growing line of Green Toys has a great selection to choose from.  My First Green Toys offers colorful, ultra-safe toys for little hands to hold.  Babies can also be environmentally responsible from day one.  The next time you need a gift, browse our selection of Green Toys at Cow & Lizard – it will be a “green time”!


Green Toys

Green Toys

E-Vehicles by Hape are Naturally Fun!

The bamboo collection by Hape toys includes a line of vehicles that are fun, robust and eco-friendly.  Made of bamboo, water based colors and renewable materials, children can enjoy hours of great play in complete safety while respecting the planet.



Hape is very aware of how making toys for kids affects their world.  So their mantra is:
Rethink play and create toys with a global sensibility.  Every toy is designed to encourage kids to have fun, no matter who they are are where they live.  Play is not limited nor defined by gender, language or culture.
Reduce, reuse and recycle.
  • Bamboo is an environmentally friendly material that offers new possibilities in sustainable toy production as is can regenerate within 3 months if cultivated properly
  • Production processes are carefully designed to minimize the impact on the environment and maximize efficiency
  • Pacakaging is made of recycled cardboard

The vehicles come in a range of designs and are meant for children ages 3 years and up.  Sleek and simple designs with bright colors set the e-line of vehicle apart from other cars & truck toys.  Currently, Hape has the following vehicles in this line:  e-dozer, e-truck, e-offroader, e-drifter, e-moto, e-chopper, e-superbike, e-plane, e-copter, e-racer Monza, e-racer Le Mans and e-racer Suzuka.

There are also 12 mini vehicles that are about 3″ long to add to your collection.  Choose from:  Hot Rod, Twin Turbo, Racer, Monster Truck, Dragster, Baja, Sportster, Bruiser, Trailblazer, Roadster, Beach Buggy and Low Rider.  No gas required – they run on imagination.

Low Rider

Low Rider

As the future belongs to our children, consider giving toys from Hape.  They will inspire play, learning and exploration of the world they live in.  And you can feel good about Hape’s responsible business practices that will leave the world in better condition than when they got it. 

Eco-Friendly Toys Made of Bamboo

Bamboo is often used in eco-friendly toys.  Why bamboo you might ask?  Well, bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world.  If cultivated properly, it can fully regenerate within 3 months causing no detriment to the surrounding ecosystem.  Bamboo raises the water level in the areas that surround it.  It is an enormous consumer of CO2, thereby increasing the amount of oxygen in the air.  It softens the sounds of the city and provides a natural barrier of beauty .  Although technically a grass, bamboo has the look and feel of wooden toys.  It’s strength and flexibility offer interesting and ecological alternatives to  toy designers.

Hape Toys has a collection of bamboo toys.  Inspired by the unique properties of bamboo, they design new toys with twists on the traditional ones.  Their eco-design approach entails toys that are made of bamboo, the use of water-based color and packaged in recycled cardboard.

Hape E-Offroader

Hape E-Offroader


Rethink.  Reduce.  Reuse.  Recycle.

Happy Motoring!

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NEW Mini Vehicles form Green Toys

mini police car

mini police car


New mini vehicles for big time fun!  Also available in taxi, ambulance and red fastback.

The Green Toys Process

  • empty milk jugs are recycled
  • milk jugs are cleaned and shredded into flake
  • raw material and mineral based colorant are food safe
  • manufactured in USA
  • each part is carefully inspected by hand
  • all  manufacturing, assembly and distribution occurs within a 30-mile radius of US headquarters
  • post-consumer, recyclable packaging with not plastic films or twist ties
  • on site inspection and third party testing throughout production
  • safe, eco-friendly, US made Good Green Fun!


Toys with Integrity by ImagiPLAY

Toys with integrity are playthings that place equal value on your child’s present growth and the promise of a bright future.

Heirloom quality toys produced in a way that preserves the wellbeing of our planet and all the people and creatures upon it.

Earth friendly, they use only sustainable hardwoods and other eco friendly materials.

Safety – their products pass the highest standards set by the US and Europe for safety and they use only non-toxic, child safe paint.

Early Explorer Toys

These first toys for toddlers encourage coordination, dexterity, imagination and simple problem solving.

Balance Boat by Hape

Balance Boat by Hape


View other toys by Hape at


Happy Baby by HAPE Toys

Little Friend Rattle

Little Friend Ratte

The Happy Baby line by HAPE Toys are thoughtfully developed infant toys to stimulate babies’ senses, encourage self discovery and reward movement.

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