Shadow Pictures – What Can You Make?

With a flashlight, an empty wall or white sheet, a dark room and alot of imagination, making shadow pictures is a fun indoor activity for kids – young and old!  Cast a light on a blank wall or a white sheet in a dark room and using your hands and imagination, you can create shadow pictures of any shape, animal, character, or whatever you can imagine.

In a dark room, put a flashlight on a surface and point it against an empty wall or white sheet.  This will create a spotlight.  Place your hands between the light and wall and move and bend your fingers to make shapes.  Put it all together and make up a story to go along with it and then put on a show for your friends and families.

Let your imagination run free and your creative juices flow!

Did You Ever Think That You Could Make Music With Water Glasses?

Here is something fun for your kids on those rainy or cold days when they are stuck inside and going stir crazy.  Make music with water and water glasses.  Kids can experiment with the sounds that can be made varying the amount of water in each glass.  What sound can be made with a spoon?  Can they make up a song and sing along?  No musical talent required – just a desire to have fun!



  • 8 clear drinking glasses – they should all be the same
  • measuring spoons
  • food coloring
  • teaspoon


  1. gather the glasses and arrange in a row on a tabletop or counter top
  2. begin by filling the first glass with 2 tablespoons of water
  3. add 4 more tablespoons of water to the next glass and so forth until all the glasses have water in them
  4. test the musical scale by tapping the side of each glass gently
  5. you can adjust the sounds by either adding or decreasing the amount of water in each glass
  6. add drops of food coloring to each glass


Now the fun begins!  See what sounds you can make.  Can you play a tune you already know and sing along?  Can you make up your own tune?  Put on a musical performance for your friends and family.

Have fun and let the music begin!