Melody Xylophone by Plan Toys

Melody Xylophone by Plan Toy

Melody Xylophone by Plan Toys

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  • coordination
  • musical
  • cause & effect
  • the melody xylophone is designed with a beautifully curved wooden base.  The 8 colored bars produce musical notes true to scale.  Sheet music for the following songs are included:  Jingle Bells, Ode to JOy, and Mary had a Little Lamb.
  • children can play a song by following the sheet music provided
  • playing with instruments helps enhance confidence, fosters love for music and helps ease tension
  • producing music on the xylophone helps reinforce a child’s EQ (emotional quotient) and builds interest in music
  • this xylophone is a great first musical instrument for children
  • adults can help children identify the different notes and assist in stimulating auditory development and sound recognition
  • children can learn how to read musical notes through the simple color coded system

Percussion Set by Plan Toys

Percussion Wooden Musical Toy Set by Plan Toys

Percussion Wooden Musical Toy by Plan Toys

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  • helps to develop the following skills:  physical, logical thinking, creative and social
  • the persussion set is designed on the round wooden base.  It consists of a guiro, maracas, tambourine and a castanet.  Children will learn a variety of sounds from different instruments.  It helps children to develop eye-hand coordination and learn to play with other children creating their own musical band
  • children can play these instruments any way they like.  The set endourages them to comare and differentiate sounds.  It also stimulates visual and hearing development
  • Parents can teach children about colors and shapes and encourage them to play the instruments as directed.  They can also ask children to identify the color of the instrument.
  • children can form their own bands and create their own music.  This can help to develop their self confidence.

Plan Toys is a green company making wooden toys out of eco-friendly rubberwood.

Beat Bop Drum – A Musical Toy Instrument

Beat Bop Drum by Parents


  • slap or tap the bright surface to drum come cool sounds
  • specially perforated drumhead for a wide range of tones
  • convenient carry handle, a scratch-free rubber-tipped base, and a loop to store the mallet
  • the perfect instrument for a child with a passion for percussion

Music is a natural outlet ofr your child’s energy.  He/She will delight in marching around the room to his/her own beat and grooving to his/her favorite songs.

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The Parent line is a collection of developmental toys with contemporary styling that reflects Manhattan Toy’s signature dedication to innovative design-blending high quality and whimsy in a way that presents to children a rich array of visual and tactile stimulation and offers elements designed to encourage musical interests, stimulate imaginations and inspire role play.  Browse the entire line of toys in the Parents collection at

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