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Shrimp Cocktail - A Party Game

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Gone shrimping!  This Shrimp Cocktail party game by Blue Orange is for 2 to 6 players ages 7+ years.  It take about 15 minutes to play and it is tons of fun!  Laughs are guaranteed!  

So let's go shrimping!  Do you have what it takes to go shrimping with the pros?  Search the seas and keep your eyes peeled for matching shrimp.  The shrimp may share any of 4 characteristics:  color, origin, quantity and size.  When you spot a match, grab and squeeze the starfish and haul in your catch.  A keen eye and quick reflexes will lead you to victory!  Which one of you will be crowned "King of Prawns"?

The game includes 81 shrimp cards, 3 fishing zones, 1 squeaky starfish and illustrated rules. 

Blue Orange Shrimp Cocktail Party Game

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