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Shop our huge selection of the best dolls and accessories.  Thes adorable soft dolls introduce children to the world of imagination and pretend play and our selection of the best dolls and furniture will give you lots of choices. The Rosy Cheeks dolls and the Topsy Turvy dolls by NA Bear Co. are ready to be your friends!  Kathe Kruse Waldorf dolls are hand-made of natural materials like cotton wool and sheep wool. They are as individual are children and invite creative play. Waldorf dolls are made according to the philosophy of Peter Steiner, so the doll faces are neutral and suggest they are painted by children with dots and lines.  Zubels hand knit 100% cotton dolls are just simply adorable.  Wooden doll furniture from Hape will allow additional pretend play with real life activities mothers perorm with thier babies.


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