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Orange You Glad Toothie Mutt is a Dog?

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Jellycat Toothie Mutt

You have heard of the saying his bark is worse than his bite - but with Toothie Mutt, there is nothing worse about him.  His brilliant dark orange color with a huge ear to ear grin showing a beautiful set of pearly white teeth is 100% loveable.  Jellycat does it right with its stuffed animals.  He is made of super soft plush - kind of the same type of pile as a luxurious bath towel you would find in a spa.  His teeth are a wide wale type of material - perfectly sewn in to represent a mouthful of teeth.  A sweet black nose, small black eyes, a wagable tail and perky little ears makes him irresistible.  Pellets weigh down his paws and bottom so he sits up begging for your attention.  You should definitely trust this smiling dog as he will be a loyal friend for life.

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A Friendly T-Rex

What a mouthful of teeth!  Fortunately Toothie T-Rex by T-Rex only wants to use them to grin from ear to ear rather than to gobble you up!  Another wonderfully soft stuffed animal by Jellycat.  He is green from head to toe except for his pearly white teeth.  A tousled plush gives him that unkept look [...]

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A Purple Bunny - Why Not?

I just love everything about this purple bunny!  The color is just perfect - no pastels for this bunny, she wants to stand out and grab your attention and she does it in a big way.  Bright, vibrant colors make up the Vivis line of stuffed animals by Jellycat.  Bold and beautiful - what more [...]

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Fire Marshall Frank - A handknit Doll

Are you looking for a doll for your little boy that isn't girly?  Look no further, Zubel's makes eco-friendly dolls that are handknit of 100% cotton that are perfect for your little guy.  Characters such as Fire Marshall Frank will surely become fast friends with your child.  Firemen are heroes and what fun they can [...]

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Take Me to You Leader!

Take me to your leader - isn't that what the robots on TV always say?  Riley the Robot comes in peace and is eager to please.  He is an eco-friendly toy handknit in 100% cotton.  Cotton feels so good to the touch - he will always be a softie for cuddling.  He is about 14" tall [...]

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Hickory, Dickory, Dock - A Mouse Sat on a Rock!

So all the nursery rhymes that I can think of make mice seem bad - but look at this little guy - how could you be afraid of him?  He is a keeper!  Bright orange and super soft, Jellycat's Vivi Mouse is 12" tall and is a perfect starter plush toy for your babies and [...]

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Thar She Blows!

Why does this saying always assume that whales are girls?  Wilber the Whale by Jellycat is all boy - from tail to mouth.  He is one the newest stuffed animals by Jellycat introduced in 2015 and is doesn't disappoint!  Their plush toys are always made of the softest fabrics possible - you just can't help [...]

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Does Lipstick on a Pig Make Her Pretty?

Vivi Pig by Jellycat does not need any lipstick to make her look pretty.  Yes she is a pig, but a very cute one indeed!  Her bright raspberry color or some may call it hot pink - is very vibrant and cheerful.  She is definitely a head turner!Her body is made of a soft plush [...]

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Tap! Tap! Tap! Hammer Away!

A toy developed with a child's developmental needs in mind and is naturally fun!  Hape's Little Pounder is great for little explorers as they go tap tap tap as they hammer the pegs through the holes.  Then all they have to do is flip the toy over and pound them through again.  Made of wood [...]

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Blue doesn't mean sad.

I just love this little guy.  Not only is blue my favorite color, but elephants just fascinate me.  Vivi Elephant is from the Vivis collection by Jellycat  - joining his friends Pig, Croc, Mouse and Bunny.  Collect all 5 and your stuffed animal collection will shine with these bright colored little animals.  His plush body is [...]

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