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Cooking Up a Storm!

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What fun it is for toddlers and pre-schoolers to pretend cook on their toy kitchen sets.  We like the wooden kitchen centers by Plan Toys as they are durable, eco-friendly and will become heirloom toys that can be passed down to future generations.  They also are great looking - they fit in nicely within your home and you won't want to hide it down in the basement or in a distant corner.  I put our kitchen toys in our kitchen so my kids would cook along with me at dinner time - it was alot of fun - for both of us.

The Kitchen Center by PlanToys is an all in one set with turning knobs, storage area, oven, sink, dish washing unit, and utensil holder.  It is a two-sided center that provides realistic play for your kids.  One side is meant for cooking while the other side is for cleaning up.  Your kids can role play - whatever their imaginations can create.  It encourages social interaction when playing in pairs or groups.  Kitchen functions are also introduced to kids which helps them later on when you introduce them to cooking in a real kitchen.

PlanToys Kitchen Center

So cook up some fun with kitchen toys - see our selection at


Zubels Lil' Dimples

I just love this new line from Zubels!  4" dolls hand crocheted in 100% cotton.  Just adorable!  They have a loop on the back so you can hang them somewhere to tote them around.  Try a backpack, purse, key ring, car mirror, a stroller - any place, anywhere.  Remember the Uglydoll clip ons that were [...]

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Why We Love Zubels Handknit Dolls

Just look at this handsome guy below - how could you not fall in love with him?  Being a hand knitter myself, I love to find toys that are hand knit in 100% cotton which feels so good to the touch.  I started out knitting fruit and veggie hats for my kids and baby gifts [...]

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Eco-Friendly Baby Rattle

Looking for a unique baby rattle to give as a gift that doesn't look like every other rattle?  I just love these hand knit baby rattle from Zubels.  The designs are adorable, the colors are just perfect and they are very well made.  Hand knit of 100% organic cotton - you can't more eco-friendly than [...]

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New From Jellycat - Squiggle Bunny!

Another fabulous line from Jellycat - new in 2015.  The Squiggles - Bunny, Puppy and Kitty - like to dance and probably would sing if they could.  They may only stand 9" tall, but they are adorable.  I love the "just got out of bed" look with their wild fur.  It is still very soft [...]

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Not All Giraffes Have Long NEcks!

Jungle Joshua Giraffe by Zubels is a handknit doll of 100% cotton - an eco-friendly toy that is not only non-toxic but darn cute.  He doesn't have the long neck that we know giraffes to have, but he makes up for it in personality.  He is quite a character and they say that Jungle Joshua [...]

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King of the Jungle!

Chime Chum Lion thinks he is the King of the Jungle - but he will watch over your room with alot of pride.  A faithful little guy that issues a gentle chime noise when shook, he is a great baby toy.  Soft and smooth all over with a pleasing yellow color.  His mane frames his [...]

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Baby's Best Friend!

Jellycat's new Squiggle Puppy will be a loyal companion for your child - from birth and beyond!  He is a 9" brown bundle of fun.  His tousled, unkept looking coat fits his personality - a squiggler!  So soft - you will want to hold him close.  We love Jellycat's stuffed animals and toys.  You never [...]

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Chunky Monkey!

We affectionately nicknamed our second son chunky monkey as it suited him perfectly.  Jellycat's new Monty Monkey soother reminds of his infant years and know that he would have loved this.  It is incredibly soft and so smooth - it surely would have comforted him during those trying times.  A quality made baby cozy that [...]

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Orange You Glad This Giraffe is Your Friend?

Orange and cream all over, this gentle giant just like to chime away.  Jellycat Chime Chums Giraffe is an 11" baby chime toy that is soothing to the ears.  Ribbon tabs in orange and cream stick up all the way down his long neck to give him a wonderful mane to show off.  Some baby [...]

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