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Paper Dolls - Great Travel Toys for Girls

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Long trips with children can be challenging.  What do you pack to keep the kids busy so you don't hear "are we there yet?" over and over again.  Well one great toy on the go for girls ages 5 years and older is the Thoughtful Girl Paper Dolls bu eeBoo.  It is packaged in a sturdy cardboard carrying case with a cord handle on top.  Everything fits neatly inside.  In the Paper Dolls sets, you will find 2 rooms, 2 girls and 2 play sheets.

Let's introduce you to the girls.

Sasha & Jasmine - the Naturalist and the Explorer

When Sasha is at school, this private cozy library is her favorite place to be.  She loves to pull down the books to read and find pictures of new places,  Her friends love to come and spend time here with her.

Jasmine loves nature and these are the beautiful gardens she tends to outside her school's greenhouse.  She can sit here and read or have her friends come visit and watch the sun set with her.

eeBoo Paper Dolls - Naturalist & Explorer

Elodie & Naomi - the Musician and the Artist

Elodie plays the piano and guitar, and loves to practice in the school's elegant conservatory.  She comes here everyday in the afternoon and sometimes her friends join her to talk and play music.

Naomi loves this artist studio, with lots of light and a beautiful view.  She spends most of her free time here, painting and drawing still lifes and portraits.  Sometime her friends come over to sketch with her, and they talk while they work.

eeBoo Paper Dolls - Musician & Artist

Waldorf Dolls by Kathe Kruse

The Waldorf dolls by Kathe Kruse are hand made of natural materials like cotton wool and sheep wool.  They are as individual as children and invite children to creative play.  Waldorf dolls are made according to the philosophy of Peter Steiner, so the doll faces are neutral and suggest they are painted by children with [...]

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Hape Toy Collections

Hape toys are thoughtfully designed to enhance a child's developmental skills.  What children see as fun, their parents and car givers recognize as age-appropriate learning basics - social, sensory, physical and emotional skills.  They have grouped their toys in collections.HAPPY BABYThoughtfully developed infant toys stimulate babies' senses, encourage self-discovery and reward movement.EARLY MELODIESSimple instruments encourage [...]

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Towel Dolls by Kathe Kruse - Wonderful Baby Soothers!

Towel Dolls are an old-fashioned European tradition for new mothers.  Kathe Kruse Towel Dolls are soft and offer love and security.  These baby blankies absorb the familiar smells of the mother.  When baby is alone in his/her crib, this calming effect leaves baby feeling safe and happy.  The towel dolls are soft, warm, cuddly and [...]

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What are Good Toys for the Social & Emotional Development of Infants?

A key developmental area for infants is social and emotional.  For babies ages 0 to 6 months, this can be looking and playing with toys. This little Butterfly Mirror by Plan Toys features a large mirror and organic wings which are removable and washable.  Develop fine motor skills and visual acuity.The Wimmer Ferguson Double Featured Mirror [...]

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The Miracle Forest Collection of Baby Toys by Kathe Kruse

The Miracle Forest collection of baby toys are perfect for sensory play and also a perfect accent for a nursery or playroom.  Babies learn quickly and never forget.  They train their senses to perceive shapes, materials and colors from the day they were born.  The colorful Miracle Forest with updated lifestyle colors includes clever Foxy [...]

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What are Good Toys for the Physical Development of Infants?

A key are of your child's development is physical development.  We all celebrate these milestones starting from birth.  There are toys that are great for helping in this area as your child grows.     Infants - 0 - 6 monthsToys for babies to focus on objects are a great starting place.  A baby mobile hung in [...]

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Discover the World with Baby Toys by Kathe Kruse

Babies need warmth and need to stimulate their senses, to play and to learn.  Every day they discover a little more about the world around them.  Kathe Kruse supports this important time with two new ranges of baby toys - In the Garden and On Tour.Step by step parents can explore this world together with [...]

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Warming Pillows by Kathe Kruse

The warming pillow is an old natural household remedy for all occasions where warmth does good.  The pillow keeps the warmth extremely well and adapts to the shape of the body.  Thus the warmth helps exactly there where it is needed.  Due to the extreme smoothness and pleasant warmth of the corn grains or seeds, [...]

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Butterflies Galore!

I was walking my dog on the bike trail last night and she started to chase a Monarch butterfly.  The butterfly seemed to be taunting her flying just within her reach and landing far enough in front of us and then taking off again when we caught up.  I always wonder what is going on [...]

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