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NEW From Green Toys - 3-D Puzzles

Posted by the folks at Cow & Lizard on May 27th 2016

Garden Puzzle by Green Toys

Wow - the new 3-D puzzles from Green Toys are wonderful - we just love them!  These 4 piece puzzles come in a tray in three different theme - Garden, Tea Time and Dump Truck.  The colors are bright, the pieces are easy to grasp and they into the shapes on the tray base.  The tray base is about 8" x 8" and the puzzle is recommended for toddlers ages 1 year and older.  

These puzzles are great to help develop:  

  • fine motor skills & coordination
  • imagination & pretend play
  • problem solving & communication

Green Toys are earth friendly as they are made from 100% recycled plastic. the manufacturing of these eco0friendly toys saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and minimizes their carbon footprint.  And even beter - they are made in the USA.

Collect all three and your kids can water the flowers with the Garden puzzle, have a party with the Tea Time puzzle and do some heavy work with the Dump Truck puzzle.

Tea Time Puzzle by Green Toys

Dump Truck Puzzle by Green Toys