Amuseable Croissant


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Indulge in the deliciously charming Jellycat Amuseable Croissant plush! This adorable and huggable croissant toy adds a sprinkle of pastry fun to playtime and snuggles. With its whimsical design and irresistibly soft texture, Amuseable Croissant quickly becomes a favorite companion for children and collectors alike. Crafted with utmost care and premium-quality materials, this plush croissant is a delightful addition to any toy collection. Embrace the magic of Jellycat and bring home the delightful Amuseable Croissant to add a touch of culinary joy to your plush collection today! Perfect for gifting or as a delightful treat for yourself, this lovable croissant plush will surely leave you craving for more cuddles. Get ready to savor the cuteness and sweetness of this endearing pastry-inspired plush!

  • medium 13"
  • small 8"