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Bashful Black & Cream Puppy


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Meet the adorable Jellycat Bashful Black & Cream Puppy - a cuddly companion that will steal your heart! This charming plush toy features a velvety-soft fur and a delightful black and cream color combination, making it perfect for playtime and snuggles. With its endearing expression and high-quality craftsmanship, the Bashful Black & Cream Puppy is sure to become an instant favorite for kids and collectors alike. Whether you're searching for a lovable gift or looking to add a touch of charm to your collection, this huggable puppy is ready to bring joy and warmth. Embrace the magic of Jellycat's Bashful Black & Cream Puppy and create cherished memories with this enchanting friend. Shop now and experience the joy of owning this delightful and cuddly companion!

  • medium 12"
  • baby safe



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