Leon's Truck - 4 Fire Truck Puzzles

Posted by the folks at Cow & Lizard on Mar 15th 2016

Leon's Truck is a great puzzle set for preschool kids who love Firemen and Fire Trucks.  Janod's cardboard jigsaw puzzles all fit nicely in a sturdy cardboard box with a nylon strap for carrying it around.  It is beautifully decorated with a picture of Leon in his bright shiny Fire Truck on front.  There are 4 puzzles in the case that graduate in the number of pieces.  There is a 6 piece puzzle that is the picture that is on the front of the carrying box - Leon in his Fire Truck.  The 9 piece puzzle shows Leon coming down the fire pole in the Fire Station near his Fire Truck - he must be responding to an alarm.  The 12 piece puzzle is Leon in his Fire Truck on his way to a fire.  The 16 piece puzzle is Leon at the house on fire using his hose to put out the fire.  What a day in the life of Leon - a busy Firemen! 

The puzzles are 8" x 8" when put together.  The finished picture of the puzzle are on the back of the box so they can be used as a guide, but because each puzzle has a different number of pieces, it makes it a little more obvious which piece go with which puzzle.  This puzzle set is recommended for children ages 3-6 years of age.  Check out Leon's Truck and other story puzzle sets by Janod - they are a good thing!

Leon's Truck by Janod