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PlanToys Construction Set - Build Imagination

Posted by the folks at Cow & Lizard on Mar 22nd 2016

The 60 piece Construction Set by Plan Toys is a wooden building set that is a Parents' Choice award winner.  It is a great toy for fine motor skills, logical thinking and creativity.  The pieces can easily be assembled and taken apart to create any imaginable form.  The set comes with a screw driver and a wrench for your little builders.

  • Kids will enjoy twisting and turning in order to assemble the parts together as per the guidelines included with the set.  This will help to develop fine motor skills, concentration and eye-hand coordination.
  • With even more pieces, this set provides an opportunity for kids to design and assemble in accordance to their endless imagination helping to develop their intellect and creativity.
  • Parents can tell stories about construction occupations, teaching kids about the tools of the trade and the correct way of using the tools for safety reasons.  Let kids role play to help with language development as well.
  • Kids can play with others helping to learn how to play well with others, waiting for their turn, sharing and helping others developing their social skills.

A great eco-friendly toy that can be used with other Plan Toys building and block sets for more fun and endless possibilities.