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Dexter Dragon


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Embark on a magical adventure with Jellycat Dexter Dragon! This enchanting plush dragon is ready to soar into your heart with its whimsical charm. With its vibrant colors, soft, velvety texture, and endearing expression, Dexter Dragon captivates hearts of all ages. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this Jellycat creation showcases exceptional quality and huggable comfort. Perfect for playtime quests or cuddling up at bedtime, Dexter Dragon is a cherished companion for kids and dragon enthusiasts alike. Whether you're seeking a delightful gift or a unique addition to your plush collection, this adorable dragon is the perfect choice. Embrace the magic of fantasy and let your imagination take flight with Jellycat Dexter Dragon. Adopt yours today and create unforgettable moments of mythical fun and cuddles!

  • Medium 25"
  • Small 12"
  • suitable from birth