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Sweetheart Putty Sloth

Mary Meyer

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Discover the enchanting world of cuddles with the Mary Meyer Sweetheart Putty Sloth plush! This irresistible sloth is not just a toy; it's a heartwarming companion that brings joy to all ages. With its endearing expression, super-soft fur, and a huggable demeanor, this Sweetheart Putty Sloth is a must-have addition to your plush collection.

Crafted with Mary Meyer's commitment to quality and attention to detail, this plush sloth captures the essence of sweetness and charm. The irresistible design makes it an ideal gift for sloth enthusiasts or anyone in need of a snuggly friend. Whether for playtime, bedtime, or as a decorative accent, the Sweetheart Putty Sloth promises to add a touch of warmth to every moment.

Embrace the adorable allure of the Mary Meyer Sweetheart Putty Sloth and let its endearing presence become a cherished part of your life. Elevate your plush collection with this lovable sloth, a symbol of comfort and companionship. Bring home the Sweetheart Putty Sloth and experience the joy of hugging your very own sweet and cuddly friend!

  • textured fabric with sparkly trim and heart
  • 11"